Siegecraft Defender Review

Who Says Tower Defense Can’t Be Gorgeous?

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The first thing Crescent Moon Games claims on the Play Store page for its new game, Siegecraft Defender, is that this is “the most beautiful 3D mobile tower defense game yet”. It’s a tall claim, but one that the game arguably manages to live up.

But there’s also a price tag of $2.99 to go with it — a bit steep for a tower defense game, some would say. So does it justify that price tag?

Building On Basics

So what are the essential elements of a tower defense game? A base to defend, a steady stream of enemies coming from one or more points towards that base, and a variety of artillery to stop them in their path. Check, check and check.

There’s a vague and silly storyline with bad dialogues in there, which you’d do best to ignore. The game also offers a multiplayer mode, which is not only confusing, but never seems to have anyone playing it. Really, I spent three days looking for a competitor and didn’t get a match any time.

But then, apart from the basics, there’s something more in Siegecraft Defender. The enemies don’t have a fixed path. It’s up to you to put obstructions in their way (using a limited number of walls or your weapons) and divert them so that the path is somewhere your weapons can attack.

Speaking of the weapons, there’s a wide arsenal at your disposal, more of which is unlocked with each play. So you get simple ballistas and catapults to start, and can upgrade to dropping pots of lava and lightning rods, as well as employ lieutenants such as the Mage who can increase the rate of fire.

At the start of any of the 20 levels, you can choose any five weapons, and each of them costs a certain amount to build, which you can get by killing enemies in-game. And the cycle goes on: kill enemies in a wave, earn coins, build towers, kill more enemies in next wave, earn more coins, build more towers, and so on till all the waves are defeated.

Gorgeous Graphics

The enemies themselves are varied, and Crescent Moon Games has employed some wonderful artwork here. From monsters on land to those flying in the air, you will have enemies of all shapes and sizes.

The detailing in the levels is pretty good, but obviously not of the quality of a console or PC game. You can still see those rough polygons in some parts.

The best part of Siegecraft Defender is that you can change your camera angle to almost anywhere in the game, which is a pretty remarkable accomplishment. You aren’t constricted to the top-down view that most tower defense games impose. This is extremely cool to browse around when a wave is attacking and you’re sure you’ll beat them all — it gives you something to do.

So Should You Buy It?

Overall, Siegecraft Defender is a fantastic game that gets everything right, apart from the multiplayer and story. The gameplay is addictive and makes you think, while the free-camera feature is a wonderful addition.

Is it worth $2.99? A resounding yes!

4.0 / 5


Siegecraft Defender is a gorgeous tower defense game with addictive gameplay and a super-cool free-camera view. tweet

Mihir Patkar · Sep 10, 2013

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