TurtleStrike Review

Turtles Like You’ve Never Seen Them


Turtles are no longer just cute little reptiles you see in the wild and the zoo. In Turtle Strike, a new mobile multiplayer game from eeGon, turtles have turned deadly and learned how to catapult rocks and shoot torpedoes at other turtles. In a straight multiplayer game you will soon find yourself donning the hat of a expert war strategist making formations with your turtle squads and figuring out the best strategies to completely annihilate your opponents.

Online Only

Turtle Strike is a straight multiplayer game there is no singleplayer mode to keep you occupied or to just test it out. However, luckily Turtle Strike features some pretty good multiplayer settings and gameplay.  First off the basic gameplay mode is just the quick match setup of which I have not had any real problems with so far in terms of finding opponents and connectivity issues. Gameplay from there is turn based where you have 30 seconds to plan your attack and if you don’t go then it automatically goes for you whether you have gone or not. Theoretically this should speed up gameplay and I would say it does half and half. Half the time I have matches that flow very quickly but then sometimes for whatever reason I have matches that seem to lag and take a while to do. In addition to the normal quick match mode there is a tournament mode where you can win real cash money! It costs in game currency to enter and then you have a certain amount of games to play and the best win percentage wins real money. The good thing about this is you can play the normal quick match mode and earn the in game currency and have enough to consistently enter the tournaments.

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Gameplay in Turtle Strike is pretty interesting. You have three squads of turtles of two or three turtles each which you can add more to and change the formation up. These squads then each can do a move/attack in gameplay. So you can use shields to completely block an enemy’s attack, use your catapult to shoot rocks (or other upgraded weaponry) to rain death upon your enemies, use underwater torpedoes which you can curve and snake around, or move your units out of harms way. To attack you click the type of move you want to do then click the squad and drag a line to move or to your opponents to attack. In the end it looks like you’re figuring out plays for some football game and you feel like a real strategist. In addition to the basic moves you have you can upgrade those to shoot things like crossbows or flaming rocks but also you have a special move that places a shark near your opponents and then eats them when they get close to it. Throughout the level are also hazards such as spiky enemies that move and if they hit you hurt you and green poisonous things that explode and can poison your squads.

Beautiful Caribbean

Want to take a vacation to the Caribbean? Well after seeing all the dangers and carnage that Turtle Strike has to offer in terms of the fauna you may change your mind. Of course it still looks beautiful and Turtle Strike reflects that. The level design and graphics are very well done. The way the sun reflects off the water is really amazing. I also like how you can change the angles of everything and really see your turtle squad’s faces and the faces of your enemies as they burn. Overall for a free app Turtle Strike really brings its A game and provides some great online multiplayer action.


4.0 / 5


It is turtle against turtle in Turtle Strike a game all about shooting rocks and sticks at your opponent in online matches. tweet

Robert Clark · Jul 26, 2013

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