Unique Tower Defense Game CastleMine Finally Lands on Android

CastleMine, the unique tower defense game that requires players to defend their castle by digging paths under their castle isn’t exactly a brand new game. It was first released on the Windows platform over a year ago and became an instant hit going on to secure over 1.2 million downloads and receive a 4.5 star rating on the platform. Buoyed by the success of the game, developers Mugshot Games started working on a multi-platform version, which has been rebuilt from scratch and is finally available for Android!

In CastleMine players dig underground paths for the enemies to take towards the castle. Once the enemies start attacking in waves, players take to defending by placing different types of towers along the enemy paths. This tower defense game brings into play powerful strategic elements when it comes to creating paths. That’s because, the choice of path determines whether a player succeeds or not.

For instance, some paths are filled with treasures such as gold and crystals which can be mined to purchase more towers. Other paths lead to skulls that offer more rewards but also increase the enemy powers. And then there are areas that cannot be dug and if a player finds himself cornered in such an area, its game over.

The game’s most attractive features are its upgrade systems that offer plenty of different ways to strengthen the towers and collect resources. The game also includes plenty of missions that will help earn the much needed experience points. Despite its ordinary looking visuals, CastleMine offers plenty of interesting challenges and twists that make it worth downloading.

CastleMine: Key Features

Here’s a quick look at some of the game’s key features.

  • Player skill tree featuring 165 upgrades across 33 unique skills
  • Upgradable defense towers using XP points
  • Attack and Support towers for defending
  • Players determine enemy paths
  • 60 challenging levels

CastleMine is available in the Play Store for the price of free. Check it out now!

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