Ubisoft’s Physics Puzzler Rabbids Big Bang Coming This Fall

Nothing can obviously top the excitement of Ubisoft’s announcement of a brand new Rayman adventure (Rayman Fiesta Run) making its way to mobile devices this fall, but this one may probably come a close second. The Rabbids, the adorable little bunnies from a Rayman adventure are getting their fifteen minutes of fame in Rabbids Big Bang.

In Rabbids Big Bang,  players take control of a Rabbid who is suited up with a fuel-powered jetpack and launch him into space by giving him a good old whack with a baseball bat. Players will then have to control the direction the Rabbid travels using a combination of the jetpack and gravitational forces of the planets. If that sounds tricky, then there’s the additional trouble of ensuring that the rabbit doesn’t float off into space, travel too close to the sun and get burned, or collide with crazy flying celestial objects such as a space cow!

As with all good puzzle games that require travelling in space, there will be plenty of coins to pick up, items to upgrade and powerups to pick up that can eventually make the Rabbid fly longer and farther.

Rabbids Big Bang may remind you of Angry Birds Space with its physics based puzzles and gravitational hullabaloo, but it’s a lot more tricky to tackle the 150 plus missions the game throws at you. For the fashonista at heart , there’s plenty of customization options that come with the game including options to dress up the rabbit with interesting disguises, new outfits and funny looks.

Rabbids Big Bang will make its entry into the mobile scene this October, and should be available for $0.99. While you wait for the game to come out, enjoy these screenshots and video teaser.

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