Sine Mora Loses Exclusivity Status, Now on Google Play

Sine Mora, the shmup or shoot-em up style game that made plenty of noise when it hit Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation last year has finally arrived on Android. Sine Mora is an innovative highly polished bullet hell shooter that has been put together by Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture.

For those of you who missed out on our previous coverage of the game, Sine More is a galactic adventure where a floating fortress Siriad needs to be protected from time travelling enemies. The unique feature of Sine Mora is its emphasis on time based gameplay. That means players can shoot away until their time runs out, but time can be manipulated by slowing it down when taking down enemies or speeding it up be taking in bullets.

Sine Mora is played out in 2D, but its gorgeous graphics are all in 3D and are nothing short of console quality. There’s plenty to play for everyone; upgradable weapons, a dramatic Story Mode for newbies and an intense Arcade mode for more advanced players and both touch controls as well as a virtual joystick styled control. And the entire action plays out to the fabulous music by Akira Yamaoka.

After the rave reviews the game received on every platform it has graced, it’s only fair to expect it to be available at a price of $ 5.99. Check out all the gorgeous screenshots, video teaser and feature list of the game before you download it here.

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Kindle version failed

I've played Sine Mora on both of my Android devices, Nexus and Kindle and must say that Kindle version was disappointing! Google play version has much more updates including support for Nvidia Shield. Amazon version…

Posted by Jimmy 7 years ago

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