Rabbids Big Bang Arrives on Android

There has been a lot of coverage on the upcoming Ubisoft Rabbids game called Rabbids Big Bang. We’ve posted a lot of news articles here on AndroidShock about it and a week ago we mentioned the October 17th release date. Well, that date was true and now Rabbids Big Bang is out! So now you can get to smashing rabbids with baseball bats sending them hurtling into space with a jetpack trying to avoid planets and other planetary objects.

The premise of Rabbids Big Bang is ridiculous but that is part of the charm with any Rabbids game. Along the way in your rabbids’ physics based space adventure you’ll come across UFOs, space cows, cheese planets and more. Also expect to hear your rabbid go “Bwaaah!!!” a whole lot. Rabbids Big Bang is a space adventure game that features over 150 missions broken into ten different galaxies. Missions involve such things as purposely flying your rabbid into the sun to hitting a certain number of space duckies. Of course in typical launcher game fashion there are upgrades you need to utilize, so in Rabbids Big Bang you can upgrade your jetpack, helmet, bat, and more to get the best ride you can. The Raving Rabbids brand has always been well received so check out the new Rabbids Big Bang available for $0.99 on Google Play today.

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