Pocket Trains Arrives at Station

One of the more highly anticipated mobile titles lately has been that of Pocket Trains, the land based version of Nimblebit’s Pocket Planes title. The wait is over after many announcements and a soft launch and now Pocket Trains is officially in the Google Play station.

Much like in Pocket Planes, Pocket Trains has you in control of a huge train network. You start small with only a few lines connecting cities like Paris to Madrid but soon you’ll have railways all over the continent and world. The goal here is to manage all your trains while maximizing cargo profit since you get to choose which cities you send your trains to based on what cargo they have. As you keep playing you’ll be able to unlock different train parts to build faster and bigger trains as well as slowly expand railways in which you get to choose the routes. Nimblebit has proven to be a very capable developer that doesn’t rely on in-app purchases too much and their hit games Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes is enough that you should check out Pocket Trains right now!

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