Meet the Cute and Colorful Aliens, the Zebuloids on Google Play

It seems to be a habit for spaceships to keep crashing onto beautiful planets and then looting, vandalizing and terrorizing its inhabitants. Well, here’s another one of those stories, and this time it’s the Vogelz, who have crashed onto planet Zebs and destroyed the beautiful homeland of the Zebuloids to fix their spaceship. Your job is to help the blue, yellow, and red Zebuloids escape the enemies and rebuild their broken planet.

Zebuloids is a unique isometric 3D puzzle game, where you use your skills to discover ways to rebuild the planet. You’ll make use of the skills of each of the Zebuloids to escape the enemy traps and then fuse the Zebuloids to unlock the almighty black Zebuloid who holds special powers. You must also gather raw materials to help restore the broken planet into the paradise it once was.

Developers AMA, a sister company of Ubisoft and Gameloft have done a beautiful job with the graphics and the game’s conventional puzzle style should interest players. There are plenty of tough obstacles and enigmas to solve as you meander through the 3 worlds and 30 levels of the game.

If you are ready for the challenge, grab the free-to-play game now.


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