Zebuloids Review

A Charming Isometric Puzzler

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Puzzle games are versatile. You can play a quick level to take your mind off something; you can see how far you go while waiting for somebody; or you can play it at length just to test your old noodle. And AMA brings all these qualities with Zebuloids.

There is a simplicity to Zebuloids that makes it accessible to anyone, and a difficulty level that puts things in your control: you get to decide whether you just want to get to the next level or try and collect the maximum points from the current one. This is a formula that has served addictive games like Cut The Rope and Angry Birds well in the past, and it’s no different with Zebuloids.

Three Colourful Guys

Zebuloids is an isometric 3D game featuring three cute little creatures, drawn in an anime style. The red Zebuloid is the ‘normal’ character, who moves around at average speed and is of average height. The yellow Zebuloid is taller (so heights can be an obstruction) and slower. The blue Zebuloid is tiny, which makes him zippy and able to go under obstacles. You can seamlessly switch between these characters at any point, while controlling them with the D-pad in the bottom-left corner.

In a very “by our powers combined” move, the Zebuloids can all enter a prism to turn into a black Zebuloid, who combines their abilities — he’s big, moves slowly, but can activate a dash speed when he wants to.

The purpose of the game is to take each Zebuloid to their respective end point (marked by their colour) while picking up black and blue crystals along the way. Black crystals earn you more points, and blue crystals will grant you an extra life for that level.

Along the way, you will have plenty of traps to get through — spikes jutting out of the ground, platforms that crumble under your weight, and warp zones to teleport you from one point to another. Hit the right levers or go to the right place and you’ll pass the puzzling level.

So what’s new in it?

Generally, puzzle games look to bring something new to the table. But AMA is looking to do nothing different with Zebuloids. It’s all about taking tried-and-tested gameplay features and packaging them in a new environment. And it works!

The execution of Zebuloids makes it a fun game to play. The levels are original, as are the characters. The sound effects and the graphics might not be much to write home about, but it’s not ugly either — and with the fun gameplay, you hardly notice it after a while.

Plus, Zebuloids has a lot of content. By default, there are three worlds with a total of 30 levels; and if you get through that, there are two additional worlds waiting to be unlocked. That’s a lot of gameplay for a free title.

Should you download it?

If you like to play puzzle games, Zebuloids is great fun. In fact, if you have kids around, then this colourful game with the fun characters might be just what the doctor ordered to keep them occupied.

But don’t go in expecting great graphics or innovations. This is all about doing things right while introducing an exercise for your brain


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3.0 / 5


Zebuloids is an isometric 3D puzzle game that charms you into liking it, despite its graphics and lack of innovation. tweet

Mihir Patkar · Sep 19, 2013

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