Larry Is Coming Back!

The slick is back in town. My first reaction to this news was “hahahahaha, ok, let’s bring Wet reloaded and I can die in peace”. Anyway, a brand new “Larry Reloaded” is coming on May 31st on PC and Mac ($19.99) and Android and iOS versions are coming shortly after. We don’t know when exactly but we do know that hanging out with Larry on handheld will cost us $9.99.

Now to the best part! If you don’t know the Leisure Suit Larry series, you should install old games and give them a try. Btw, “refurbished” version of Leisure Suit Larry and the Lounge Lizards was successfully Kickstarted recently. Ok, now really for the best part! Larry will have a second object of passion in the new game. Her name is Jasmine and since we are showing you the picture, we won’t bother you much with her CV, you wouldn’t read it anyway.


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