Beta for World Zombination Coming Early Next Year with Release in Spring

A few weeks ago I wrote a news article about an upcoming game release from a new studio called Proletariat made up of a bunch of ex-Zygna workers. The game is called World Zombination and is a zombie themed horde based real time strategy game. World Zombination has you either on the zombie’s side or the humans as you fight each other to take over cities and more.

The game certainly sounds interesting and from the few screenshots that have come out World Zombination looks good too. Now, after their demo session at PAX Prime Indie Mega Booth the CEO of Proletariat, Seth Sivak, announced that a beta for World Zombination is coming early next year with a spring time release. Also worth mentioning is that iPads and Android tablets will see the first release with phones coming second and eventually PC.

Price wise World Zombination is still in debate and there has been talk of two different directions they could go in. The first  is a premium to purchase the app since World Zombination is kind of like a MMO with constant updates and new features. The other is a free-to-play mode but like how the multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 was where you purchase and unlock booster packs. Either way World Zombination is shaping up to be at least an interesting game and certainly has some promise, we’ll keep you updated here at AndroidShock.

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