Batman: Arkham Origins Characters Join Puzzle & Dragons in a Weird Tie-in

Lately there has been a lot of mobile games crossing over with other video games. Just the other day we reported that Street Fighter characters were joining in on Combo Crew. Now the crossovers are getting weirder. Batman: Arkham Origins characters such as Bane and the Joker are joining in on the match three puzzler Puzzle & Dragons. This sounds extremely weird and out of place but at least GungHo Online toned down the grittiness of Batman: Arkham Origins and made them fit in graphically to the rest of Puzzle & Dragons.

I suppose this tie-in shouldn’t be too surprising seeing as how Puzzle & Dragons seems to do these crossovers quite a bit. The last one had Clash of Clans characters combined with Puzzle & Dragons. These Batman: Arkham Origins characters are available in Puzzle & Dragons from October 30th to November 12th in an event specific dungeon. GungHo reports that villain characters such as the Joker are available for players to collect for their monster boxes and hero characters like Catwomen and Batman are available from special in-game egg machines. So if you have Puzzle & Dragons, you’re gameplay just got spiced up and if you don’t have it you should think about getting it!

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