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Guess Words As Fast As You Can


Word games can be very challenging if you don’t have a wide vocabulary, so it’s important that it’s presented in a fun, engaging way without being too difficult. Unlike the social word game, Words With Friends, Wordsplosion is not a turn-based game, so you can relax and don’t have to be all out competitive with anyone.

Words For The Wise

The game has a few simple rules: guess the five-letter word within the allotted time, with limited number of guesses. The first letter of the word is given, and the player then fills in the next four letters of his guess. You’ll need to tap the Up arrow in the middle of the screen to submit the word. A big Correct pop up will be shown if the guess is the correct word. Incorrect letters, however, are thrown off their slots. Letters which are in the word but was placed in the wrong position will remain in the bottom part of the screen.

Occassionally, you can hit the Hint icon (question mark on the mid-right portion) to get one letter in the word. This ability is provided if the Hint meter is full, which happens in about every other minute or so.

Uninterrupted Guessing Goodness

The pace of the game is non-stop, which means there are no levels to complete, or worlds to unlock. With this set-up, it does take note of five or more consecutive correctly guessed words, which gives yo bonus points that increase your score every time.

The Journey To a Thousand Words

The only improvement I can think of for this game is how difficult it is to guess a five letter word. There are probably a million possibilities (okay, not really a million), and getting started seems like a futile task. Every time I’m guessing a word for the first time, I always find myself wishing that there was at least a clue as to what the word is.

Maybe a synonym, or a phrase to describe the word — just like a crossword puzzle. If this was the case, then it shouldn’t be such a confusing way to start a game. Words are challenging (and confusing) enough, so maybe giving hints at the start of a round can diffuse the pressure of coming up with the right word the first time around.

The Verdict

Wordsplosion, as the name implies, is definitely a game for word-lovers. Although it may seem a bit daunting at first, the choice of words match the pace of the game, starting off with simple words and moving to more complex ones as you play longer. Gameplay is fun, fast-paced and engaging — with vibrant graphics and sound to go with it. For anyone, wordsmith or not, this game is great for stretching your vocabulary skills while having fun.

4.0 / 5


Wordsplosion is a fast-paced word game that's both challenging and fun. Anyone who wants to test their vocabulary should give it a try. tweet

Kim Barloso · Apr 26, 2013

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