Where’s My Mickey? Review

A Rollickin’ Disney Treat!


Walt Disney characters, Mini, Mickey, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy have mesmerized both kiddies and adults alike with their goofy antics, be in on TV, in the movies, or at entertainment parks. Mickey and gang have ventured into the Play Store to weave their magic and charm in the latest offering from Disney, Where’s my Mickey? The game follows familiar physics based puzzles seen in Where’s my Perry and Where’s my Water series, (directing water from one point to another by creating pathways,) with refreshing new scenarios and not to mention adorable and mischievous antics from the world’s most lovable cartoon characters. When Mickey’s around, it’s really hard to turn the other cheek, so lets take a peek!

Mickey’s Inspiring Ideas

Where’s My Mickey is set in three worlds and in each, you enjoy a mini animation clip showing you why the little fellow is seeking your help in finding water. In the first world (When Life Gives You Lemons ) Mickey is on a mission to make lemonade for thirsty beach goers. In the second world (Fanning the Flames), he is trapped in a cave with a mischievous flame threatening to blow up the place by igniting barrels of gunpowder. In the next world, (Pains of Growing) Mickey is preparing to grow plants of the creeping kind! The trouble at each of these levels is that Mickey needs water; water that’s trapped at different places, and your job is to guide the water right down to Mickey’s waiting bucket.

Refreshing New Elements and Contraptions

If you’ve already played the Where’s My series, you will be instantly familiar with the mechanisms of the game. If not, the rules are quite simple. You need to guide water to Mickey’s bucket by creating a pathway from the source to the destination, collecting three happy stars along the way. Mostly that involves digging through soil, but the puzzles feature new elements in each world. For instance, in the first world you need to manipulate winds to push clouds to the water source to collect and redistribute them to the open pipes. In the second world, you need to carefully drain out the hot lava that threatens to burn up the stars and pollute the water. There’s also a mix of taps and sluice gates to keep things interesting.

Also included in the game are collectibles. The ? symbol at the top left of the screen indicates hidden objects in certain levels. When you collect a certain level of items you can unlock additional bonus levels. The bonus levels play out a little differently and add to the overall variety the game offers. Mickey’s trophy cabinet also holds a secret hidden stage that you should enjoy uncovering! All 20 puzzles in each world are easy to play and are rarely challenging excepting in cases where you want to catch all three stars. Don’t expect a progressive level of difficulty here. It’s all a matter of finding a way for the water to flow and you may end up finishing the game sooner than you imagined it would take.

Lovable, As Always

Disney is also promoting new episodes of Mickey’s shows that you can check out within the app. Plus, you get to try three free games of Van Goofy and Shipwrecked, (additional premium packs) each costing about a dollar. These additional elements are clearly an indication that Disney is still all about the entertainment. In fact, the game, with its mini animations and simple game play leans more towards entertaining the masses than providing any serious game play.

Disney has mastered the art of cartooning and the animations and music are a grand reflection of their skills. Adding to its credits are the carefree, light-hearted, and cheery ambiance of the characters that is certainly infectious.

It’s a game that the kiddies are sure to thoroughly enjoy, and one that will bring out the kid in the rest of us. You may be done with Mickey in a couple of hours or more, but its catchy tunes and light hearted banter will leave you in great spirits for the rest of the day. And a dollar is a really small price to pay for such simple pleasures!

3.8 / 5


Where’s my Mickey? delights with hard-to-resist antics and refreshing puzzles. tweet

Adeline Gear · Jun 27, 2013

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