Pet Shop Story: Easter Review

Bring On The Bunnies!


I always find it hard to stick to any world building that requires too much time befor I actually get “rewarded” for my time and patience. Enter Pet Shop Story, one of TeamLava Game’s many world building games. As in real life, taking care of pets that you sell in a shop requires your utmost time and attention, but this game makes the job enjoyable – thanks to a great collection of cute and cuddly pets, from dogs to hamsters — and of course, rabbits. If you like pets, then this game is a good place to indulge that passion – at least in the digital world.

Raising Your Babies

The first thing to do in your pet shop is give it a name and choose your avatar — there are six choices. Then, you can start buying your first pet. The game gives you 900 in cash initially, enough to buy two (or more) pairs of the same pet and breed each of them at least once. Breeding is limited within the same breeds of pets until you reach Level 6. Note that cross-breeding takes longer and is more costly. Breeding pets of the same kind, however, can be done at any level.

Get Your Rewards

The next stage would be to wait for your existing pets to generate revenue, after which time you’ll need to hit the Collect button. You can speed up the process by using gems, some are available for free and you can get more through an in-app purchase. Immediately following that is feeding the pets, also done by hitting the Feed button. I think this process makes more sense and is less work than other games of its kind. By automatically prompting to feed the pets, the player won’t forget the task and the pets shouldn’t ever go hungry. After all, health is very important for pets in a pet shop.

Set Your Own Goals

The rest of the game can either be up to you or you can check on the note pad icon on the right hand side for specific objectives that hold cash and XP rewards when you complete them. Some of these involved buying a family of four of the same breed, or buying specific items from the shop. Furthermore, you can complete a collection of breeds and get more cash and XP bonuses.

Hopping In This Easter. . .

This is where the Easter element is added — bunnies hold a high value to customers because of the season. In addition to getting more cash for pet rabbits, you also get an added bonus when you complete bunny-specific goals like buying a certain number of bunnies, breeding them or collecting money from them.

While taking care of these cute and cuddly pets can be fun and heart-warming, it’s also a challenge. Pets get sick if you don’t check on them often, and you would need gems to heal them. If you don’t have the gems, then the other option, unfortunately, is to abandon them. I had a mind to save my gems in case I really needed them, and this proved to be the case when I keep coming back to a sick pet.

When you have enough pets and money, you can start decorating your shop with displays, book cases, plants, and other nice things for making the shop look good. Most of these decorations bring extra XP points, so they’re not just for aesthetic purposes.

You can also start expanding your shop to make room for more playpens. Existing pet playpens can be upgraded when they are completed to a set of four (one family). The amount needed to upgrade varies with each breed, but it’s fairly easy to do. Upgrading playpens add XP bonuses.

Other money-making perks include a daily cash bonus if you play every day, and there are Mystery Boxes in the shop which you can buy to receive a surprise bonus (cash or gems). You can also visit other shops and play with their pets to earn small cash and XP.

The Verdict

This game is easy and fun to play, and it doesn’t really take a lifetime to be able to see some progress. The wide selections of cat, dog and bird breeds are pretty impressive, too. I imagine anyone who knows a lot about cat or dog breeds enjoying this game.

Pet Shop Story: Easter is a fun, stress-free game that can be played even after Easter. The game is great for casual gamers or young children who have some degree of affinity towards animals or pets. Graphics and sounds are of standard quality, and you need to have a stable internet connection to properly play the game without getting disconnected from the server.

If you like pets and world-building strategy games, then this is definitely a must-have!

4.0 / 5


Take care of cute and cuddly bunnies, along with other adorable pets in this Easter version of Pet Shop Story! tweet

Kim Barloso · Mar 25, 2013

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