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There are those who take a simple game and turn it into a complex mess of taps, jumps, clicks, double-clicks and swipes and those that employ one simple master stroke – a tap, to deliver brilliant gameplay. Coconut Island Studios, developers of this adorable game definitely belong to the latter. Whether you want to jump across walls or climb up and down ladders, they have managed to use a single tap action to deliver a multi-action game. Combined with the irresistible element of true love in harmonious settings, One Tap Hero will sweep you off your feet. And for the opposite sex, well, there’s nothing like a bit of chivalry in rescuing your lady love, is there?

Sweet Love’s Spell

Our One Tap Hero is a little white blob of a guy, who while wooing his lady love, was come upon by a wily wizard who kidnapped and turned her into a little brown bear. There’s no particular reason for the antagonism, but who cares! it’s time to rescue the sweetheart and restore her back to a lady. How do you do that? Well, traverse the numerous complicated platforms that are littered with obstacles and capture all three stars en route. But mind you, if you miss out on even one star, you’ll find your sweetheart a cross between a bear and a girl!

Variety is the Name of this Game

Because of its extremely short game play (each level lasts from a few seconds to maybe a minute) and its single tap controls, you might be fooled into thinking that this game is a piece of cake. It is anything but. There are enough elements in the game that make it damningly frustrating at times. Take, for instance, the tiny green arrows placed at certain points in the platform; they make the hero turn back from whence he came, making you redo your runs over and over again until you get it right. And when you have walls closing in or fragile platforms that break off on touching, your game will be over in the blink of an eye if you don’t make your move at exactly the right time.

The platforms in One Tap Hero are cleverly designed and offer plenty of obstacles and enticements to keep you engaged for a long time. For instance, there are special keys placed at ridiculous positions which, if picked up, unlock new levels. Then there is the much loved gold coins, which should come in handy when you want to dress up your hero. Nobody wants to see a desperate white guy repeatedly crisscrossing the pretty landscapes naked now, do we! There are also strategically placed portals that transport you to different areas, revolving platforms,  floating elastic cushions, pounding hammers, moving poison ivy walls, switches that open and close platforms and more. Each new game element is gradually introduced into the game, making for a delightful journey across levels. Even playing in repeat mode is not tiresome, and you can get deeply engrossed figuring out the best way to tackle the puzzling mazes and bettering your scores.

Sheer Entertainment

One Tap Hero is an action game that brilliantly combines puzzle solving and endless platforming elements to dish out an entertaining gaming experience. The breezy cartoon-styled graphics mingled with a sweet music that almost lulls you into a relaxed state of mind while you play intensely adds to the games brilliance. One tap controls are great most of the time, except when you are stuck with complex puzzles and just can’t get the taps to work the way you want them to. The key with winning lies definitely in taking deep breaths and tapping at precisely the right moments. Sure, you are going to fail quite a lot, but you’ll be armed and ready the next time around. Yet another plus to the game is the pricing factor. The game is free, but ad-supported, and you can play the game to its finish without spending a dime. Completely optional IAPs make it a real winner, but for $1.99, you can not only knock off the ads, but pick up double coins as well as a supercool rechargeable smoke bomb that should give you a chance to occasionally smoke up the place and collect your three stars for free. If you’re on the prowl for a smart, speedy, and fun filled game that’s absolutely free to play for a whole 300+ levels, One Tap Hero should be on the top of your download list. Hit that download button right now!

3.9 / 5


Simple controls, peachy graphics, sweet music, and ingenuously crafted platform puzzles serves up a zestful flavor. Not one to miss! tweet

Adeline Gear · Jun 13, 2013

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