Daddy Was A Thief Review

Lighthearted Entertaining And Enjoyable Action Game


Daddy’s just lost his job and decided, in these tough economic times, that robbing the casino and a few apartments along the way is the best way to keep the wife happy. What’s more, you are encouraged to help dad grab the loot and get away from the watch guards and police patrolling the various floors. Daddy was a Thief is an endless breaking-in game, where daddy needs to break down endless floors to collect coins and loot the casino. With simple controls, cool music, and easy pick up and play theme, Daddy was a thief should keep you happy for a while.

Breaking-in Was Never This Fun

Well, boys and girls, thieving, looting, and robbing just isn’t right. Now that we’ve got that clear, it’s time to pick up Daddy was a Thief and steal away. Rebel Twins, developers of this light hearted game offer enough ammunition to keep the game play alive and interesting for a while. Daddy begins his looting spree from the top of a building by jumping down on the floors and crashing through them.

The floors contain various objects that either aide dad’s escape or knock him down. Jumping down into a bath tub, for instance, is super cool as it helps dad escape faster by breaking through floors at a faster pace. Similarly, jumping on to a fridge will cover up dear old dad in an ice block that should give him an additional life for a brief spell.

The game’s pace dramatically alters when dad hits an electrical equipment, or jumps into one of those bath tubs, bringing an adrenaline rush and avoiding the monotony of simply crashing through the floors. Dangers also lurk on some floors. Laser beams will shrink dad to a pint size, rockets will blow up everything in its path, old ladies will kung-fu kick dad’s butt, and cops will shoot to kill. There’s lots of excitement trying to dodge these dangers, and at the same time pick up gold coins along the way. When you reach a certain number of floors, you are rewarded with a casino floor, where you need to hit all the green lights to collect the loot.

Looted gold can be used to unlock some silly character customizations such as dad with an afro hairstyle as well as extra lives and upgrades such as money magnets, super rockets and super elixir that will attract more money. There are also loads of achievements you can unlock, but for a game that’s so easy to play, they are not always easy to achieve.

Enjoyable and Entertaining but Not for Long

The colorful cartoony graphics, the lively music and the cracking sound effects are appealing and enjoyable. The game’s simple swiping actions add to the game’s ease of play. You control the pace of the game most of the time giving you enough opportunity to time your actions to your advantage. Sooner or later though, you will meet your demise, and you have to start the game all over again. The trouble with Daddy was a Thief is that after a few hours of smashing floors you don’t really see yourself progressing very far. It starts to become an endless loop and the variety of gameplay starts to dip. There are no objectives to be achieved at any floor, and you only play to better your scores and earn more experience. Daddy was a Thief is an enjoyable free game that’s definitely going to delight the little ones and provide brief entertainment for others.

3.8 / 5


A fun and delightful game that can be enjoyed in short bursts. tweet

Adeline Gear · May 21, 2013

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