Crumble Zone Review

A Blasting Frenzy Of Miniature Proportion


There’s a gargantuan number of shooting games in the Play Store, and that’s completely understandable. Shooting games appeal to almost anyone — young, old, geek or not. They’re fairly easy to play and rewards your efforts with ample satisfaction when you hit wherever and whatever it is you are firing.

This appeal is common among heavy, real-feel games like Dead Trigger and other similar apocalyptic-themed shooters. Shooting is definitely more compelling when you’re faced with flesh-eating zombies.

So when I played Crumble Zone, the experience was completely different — in a good way. The objective is to blow up rocks and other heavenly bodies to prevent them from colliding with your planet. The hero, a robot-like creature, shoots (with a limited distance) at these objects to ensure that not one piece lands on his planet.

Shooting With Limits

It seems a bit simple at first, using the left and right arrows on the bottom left to move the hero around, and tapping on the trigger button on the bottom right. The game controls offer nothing new and is basically the same format as other shooting games. The challenge, however, is timing. That and a bit of luck.

As mentioned earlier, the hero can shoot the floating objects to keep them from hitting his planet. The problem is that the hero can only shoot with a limited distance, so he will not hit objects that are too far away. In fact, I always find that I can only blow up objects when it’s close enough to collide with the hero himself (which sometimes can be harmless).

Collect Gems, Shoot Better

So what’s the point of shooting other than survival? Why, treasure! Rocks that are blasted off gives the hero little bits of gems, and these he can pick up by moving sideways. These gems can be used to improve shooting accuracy. These accuracy powers can be bought from the shop after each completed level. The higher the accuracy, the more gems are required.

Share The Fun

Sharing the game with someone is also possible, as this game comes with Two-Play Mode within the same device (no Wi-Fi or bluetooth option available). In Two-Player mode, the middle of the screen serves as the floating rocks’ area, while both shooters are positioned on opposite sides. The player with the most objects blasted wins.

The Verdict

What I also found nice about this game is its minimalist approach in graphics. It’s not too crowded, yet still gives you that visual impact at the right times during a game. The soundtrack, however, is something else — although that’s not a bad thing. In contrast, the background music complements the fast paced nature of the game, so it’s perfect for getting you in the zone.

As simple as it is, Crumble Zone is a wholesome addition to the immense list of shooting games for Android. It’s easy and engaging, and you’ll find yourself sucked in within the next thirty minutes (or an hour, in my case) of game play. It’s recommended for casual gamers — those who don’t want to take a shooting game too seriously, but still have a fun and challenging time.

3.6 / 5


Crumble Zone is a wholesome shooter that's not too heavy, and yet extremely engaging. If you're looking for light, fun shooting with cool visual style, this game doesn't disappoint. tweet

Kim Barloso · Apr 12, 2013

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