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Not As Easy As It Sounds


Catch the Candy is another physics-based game that follows in the success of other similar games like Cut the Rope, but with a lot of these already in the Play Store, does this game offer something different? To answer this question, bear in mind that the game only offers a demo version to play a few levels for free, then you’ll have to buy the full version. Nevertheless, if you want to know more about the game before taking the preview, read on.

Reaching Far And Wide

The main character of the game is a fuzzy-looking creature with a tail that extends and holds on to objects, and ultimately to the candy which he has to get. As all other physics-based games, there are obstacles that prevent him from grabbing the candy. Other than gravity, there are hills, rocks and poles that the creature must overcome to catch the coveted candy. Your job is to tap on a place or object that the creature can grab.

The candy is usually too far for him to reach at first contact, so he’ll have to get nearer by grabbing on to other things. You can tap on the ground, a wall, or rocks. You can also use the creature’s tail for pushing or knocking obstacles down to get over them. Sometimes, you don’t have to grab and reach for the candy itself, but use other objects as leverage to touch or land on the candy. There are other objects that don’t appear to be solid “grabbing points” but are actually secret objects that allows the creature to grab and hang on to. One example would be a flower that sticks out from a rock. When you find these objects, a pop up box would appear to indicate that you’ve found the secret object.

While other structures are a hindrance, others will help steer you towards the candy. Such structures like giant wheels, laundry lines and parachutes serve as great helpers for the creature to hang on and swing from to get nearer the candy, much faster than staying glued to the ground.

Tap Less, Win More

While the game’s main goal is to get the candy, it also challenges you to do as less taps as possible to gain more stars for each level. The lesser the taps, the higher your score — something that I’ve never been able to remember as working towards grabbing that candy isn’t as easy as it seems. The trouble I kept running into while game play is how hard it is to shift from one object, and then add that to the other difficulty of actually grabbing the candy.

The initial tutorial states that long pressing on the candy should be sufficient for the creature to grab it, but what it doesn’t tell you is when you attempt to tap on the candy, it disappears under your finger, and that doesn’t help make an accurate aim. As a result, taps are futile and done repetitively until you place it at the exact spot. I have yet to see a level with any sort of star rating.

The absence of stars on a completed level doesn’t mean you’re not through to the next round. As long as you’ve reached and grabbed the candy, then you can move on to the next level, though a bit low on scores. The demo version allows you to play Pastoral, which is the first stage with 14 levels.


Despite its tricky game controls, it does come alive with colorful and vibrant graphics, both the background and foreground elements. The background music is very child-pleasing, as it sound like something you’ll hear from a carnival ride. Animations are also up to standards and performance is not an issue.

However, with the degree of difficulty when attempting to tap-and-grab, I wouldn’t advise this for toddlers or younger kids who might easily get frustrated or impatient. If your child insists on playing, keep in mind that while there are very easy levels in the beginning, it does get harder so a little parental guidance and help may be necessary.

Having played and completed the demo version, I highly doubt that the full version has anything better or newer to offer. Since the issue is with game play, purchasing the full version may not be a quick fix. However, if you don’t mind a challenge and like cute little creatures reaching for candy in a picture-perfect world, then by all means give this one a go.

4.0 / 5


Help a fuzzy little creature reach for his candy in this bright, new physics-based game. tweet

Kim Barloso · Mar 4, 2013

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