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Sixty Seconds of Frantic Fun


Puzzle games are great for having fun while putting your mind to work. Most times, I would want to take my time with solving puzzles because, well, they’re a bit hard to crack. This is not the case with 2Fuse. Although the puzzle is pretty easy to solve, the challenge lies in the 60-second time limit and the fight to beat your (or other players’) high score.

Match ‘N Go

The game’s goal is to match two items within the 4 x 4 square board. Correct matches are ones that are of the same color (either red, green or blue) and of the same value (number or star). Paired number 1s create a single number 2, and paired number 2s create a single star within a square. Paired stars give immediate bonuses: red for multiplying points, blue for slowing down the time, and green for refreshing all boxes on the board.

Get Some Help

Game points are converted into the game’s currency, which is called volts. Volts can be used to buy upgrades and boosters. Upgrades are permanent and applies to every round going forward. Boosters, on the other hand, is good for one time use only. Upgrades include Score Mastery, which adds 1 percent to your overall score per level, where each level costs 500 volts, and Star Mastery, which increases a star’s bonus time by half a second per level, where each level costs another 500 volts. A volt multiplier is also available as an in-app purchase.

Boosters can either give you 10 seconds more to a game, 6 random start at the start of a game, or a 2 or a star appearing on refreshed tiles instead of a 1. All boosters cost 700 volts each.

Aim For The Highest Score

Unlike most puzzle games, 2Fuse has no worlds or levels to complete. The end goal is basically to get the high score you can possibly get within a span of 60 seconds or more.

While the game’s simplicity and time limit rule makes for short bursts of frantic finger tapping, you can actually find yourself playing it for hours on end. This, in my opinion, is because of the upgrades and boosters which promise to get you a higher score on your next round, and the round after that, and so on. The game is designed to make it hard for any player to put it down.

The graphics and sound effects add to the busyness of the interface, making game play truly engaging that you forget everything else around you and you are completely drawn to the game. I don’t even notice the meter that counts down the time left to play.

Sharing The Craze

The game has a social sharing side to it, so you can share your high score with Facebook friends and other 2Fuse players world wide. Sharing your progress on your Facebook wall also gets you 50 volts each time, so it’s not a bad deal. Of course, this little feature does require internet connectivity, although the game itself can be played offline.

For more volts, you can make an in-app purchase, or get free ones by viewing videos, games, liking the game’s Facebook page, and rating it in the Play Store.

The Fast And The Furious

Although this game is addictive to the point of no return, I sometimes found it repetitive, and too simple to still be as enthusiastic about it after the 100th round or so. The upgrades and boosters help bring you further score-wise, but there’s not much else you can do during the game to spice things up a bit. For me, the frantic tapping and pairing went from exciting (like, I thought it was the best thing ever) to tiresome after a few days of playing. Still, I seem to be drawn to it that I can’t help but play it over and over.

The Verdict

The good thing about 2Fuse is that it’s a reflex and time-based game, which means you don’t have to be a genius to play it — you just need to be fast. The manner that the game was built is meant for those looking for a quick way to be entertained in under a minute. It’s fun to play alone, and even better when you have friends around to compete with.

The game may have a few in-app purchases attached, but you can still have a great time without it. This makes 2Fuse a great free-to-play entry to the puzzle genre.


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3.9 / 5


2Fuse is a time-based puzzle game that will test your mental (and physical) reflexes. The game is well-designed, extremely addictive and worth your 60 seconds. tweet

Kim Barloso · May 13, 2013

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