More Zombie VS. Human Action With Zombie Diary 2: Evolution

The Zombie Diary series from  Mountain Lion is back with Zombie Diary 2: Evolution. In this game the war between zombies and humans continues. You are one of the few surviving heroes but the danger is still everywhere as you try and rescue as many other people as you can. Luckily you have a huge arsenal of all sorts of weapons.

In fact there are over 30 different weapons you can use to blow the zombies away. Even better is the fact that each weapon has a unique upgrade system so you can really get some great guns going. Some new additions also include super equipment and mech devices. Gameplay of Zombie Diary 2: Evolution is much like the original where you try and survive the maps and gain coins and such to upgrade yourself as you go. There are eleven maps in Zombie Diary 2: Evolution and are filled with cool missions to try and complete as well. You’ll battle some old zombies and new ones including some epic boss battles. Overall Zombie Diary 2: Evolution is full of your typical zombie shooting action but boy is it fun.

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