ZeptoLab Updates All Versions of Cut the Rope With New Content

While we may have to wait a bit for Cut the Rope 2 to come to Android (it’s coming to iOS on December 19th), ZeptoLab is making the wait a little bit more bearable for all you Cut the Rope fans. They have updated new content for Cut The Rope: Time Travel, Cut the Rope: Experiments, and Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift. Yes, that is three different Cut the Rope versions and all have new content for you to dive right into!

Cut The Rope Update (1) Cut The Rope Update (2) Cut The Rope Update (3)

For Cut the Rope: Time Travel, ZeptoLab has added a free Wild West era level pack. In addition they have also added a Future level pack that you can unlock by getting three stars on every other level or by paying a minor fee for. As for Cute the Rope: Experiments there is a scheduled update called “Bamboo Chutes” that is coming later this month. Lastly, there is Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift which was just released for Android as ZeptoLab’s gift to us Android users. If you’re into Cut the Rope or want a fun physics puzzle game then ZeptoLab has you covered with three different games with tons of content that just got updated or is getting more updates soon!

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