Where’s My XiYangYang? You Know The Drill

Disney’s Where’s My Water? series has blown up! There are multiple editions, themed editions, a show, etc. Now the series is even branching out to include other countries’ culture. This latest Where’s My Water? edition (the fourth one so far) is called Where’s My XiYangYang? and features China’s famous cartoons XiYangYang and Wolfie.

Where’s My XiYangYang (1)Where’s My XiYangYang (2)Where’s My XiYangYang (3)

The story behind Where’s My XiYangYang? is that there is a one-time battle between XiYangYang and Wolfie where you have to thwart Wolfie’s traps. Essentially it comes down to a fire vs. water elemental angle as you fight Wolfie and try and rescue your other friends. Gameplay in Where’s My XiYangYang?  is still pretty much the same as the original and co. Where’s My Water? games but with some additions. There are new fire and oil dynamics to consider that will make things more interesting. A new powerup system also takes place that does help to enrich the gameplay. If you’ve played the original then Where’s My XiYangYang? is a no-brainer download and if you haven’t then it is still a great title to check out.

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