Weird Trollface Match – Ddd ! is an Absurd Puzzle Game Set in the Olympics Arena

The Play Store is packed with different game genres, casual games, tower defense, endless runners and so on. But after playing Weird Trollface Match for awhile, I am convinced that there should be a category for games that are purely nonsensical.

In this game, you are set to participate in the Olympics, but there seems to be an evil troll who is determined to ruin the fun by increasing your chances of winning through foul play. At least that’s what it looks like initially, but then he also appears to ruin your chances of winning sometimes. Ah! he is a troll after all. First of all, he blows out the torch when you are about to light the Olympic flame, then he makes it possible for you to win at shooting, karate, fencing and other events using trickery. Then he goes on to drill the ice you are skating on so that you fall into the freezing waters below. Yikes!

You will have to come up with the most absurd ways of winning or becoming trolled in the 20 or so levels in the game. There are several interactive elements that are hidden on the screen and you must tap, swipe and try everything you possibly can to figure out your best chances of succeeding. Most of them don’t make any sense and leave you completely baffled since you simply have no idea what you are playing for.

Weird Trollface Match can be extremely frustrating at times (you will fail innumerable times), but luckily a hint system will help you get past some seemingly impossible puzzles. Despite its rather weird gameplay, at the end of each level, you cannot help but smile at the ridiculousness and yet inventive ideas behind each puzzle game.

If you want to take a break from the sane games you’ve been playing all this time, and just want to dive into something purely nonsensical, Weird Trollface Match is certainly worth a chance. The game is annoyingly ad-infested, but free to play.

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