The Voyage; Buried Treasure!

It’s a pirate’s life for me! And you too if you want to check out The Voyage, the new game by Toy Studio Media Corp. The Voyage ultimately is a puzzle game that has over 100 levels. The trick is that completing these puzzles is somewhat of a race! A race against your pirate nemesis Bucklebeard. Completing all the puzzles before Bucklebeard results in finding the long lost buried treasure!

The Voyage (1)The Voyage (3)The Voyage (2)

There are 100 puzzles in The Voyage with six different difficulties and 29 different types to master. Story wise each of these puzzles is a “page” in The Voyage’s
cryptic puzzle book, and completing the book before Bucklebeard nets you the buried treasure. Puzzle categories include logic, perception, timing, arithmetic and more. There are also little interactive bits to progress the story such as lock picking and cooking. An overreaching “puzzle” in The Voyage is that along the way you collect map pieces and other clues to the location of the treasure. Overall, The Voyage is full of puzzles and presents it in a more fun and interactive way. Check it out on Google Play!

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