Vengeance at Its Best – Ninja Revenge Out Now

What happens when a ninja’s wife gets killed in cold blood? Why, that ninja goes on a revenge spree where everything ends in blood. This is the tale of divmod games‘ latest game, Ninja Revenge. In typical ninja fashion you’ll have various seemingly supernatural powers at your disposal and of course your arsenal of all the classic ninja weapons.

Ninja Revenge promises a “true ninja experience” and from what I’ve seen in videos and screenshots it delivers. You are a master of the sword and can do some crazy moves to finish off all your enemies. Of which, speaking of enemies, there are a large variety to mow down. Ninja Revenge seems like a true arcade slash ’em up that comes complete with global and local leaderboards to prove your dominance. While the game plays like a fast paced arcade style slasher there are tons of missions to keep you occupied and coming back. Released a few days ago for free you should check out Ninja Revenge on Google Play today.

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