Travel Through History In Civiballs

Civiballs is an interesting puzzle game published by HeroCraft. It has you go through three historical societies; Romans, Vikings and Incans as you solve increasingly harder puzzles. The puzzles in Civiballs are rather unique and involve a lot of interesting gadgets and dynamics that aren’t really explored in other puzzle games.

Gameplay of Civiballs starts off fairly straightforward. You are presented various scenes and the goal is to drop colored balls into their corresponding pots. To do this you cut chains/ropes and use environmental objects like crossbows, fountains, catapults and volcanoes to accomplish your goals. Levels do require some quick thinking and reflexes which can make Civiballs rather intense. In total there are over 60 levels to explore and each level has bonus objectives. Civiballs also has great graphics and an interesting storyline to keep you hooked. If you’re looking for an interesting puzzle game then check out Civiballs for sure.

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