Toxic Bunny HD; Crazy New Platformer That Is Literally Insane

New types of platformer games come out all the time but most fail because they don’t catch your attention. Your game needs to stand out nowadays to get downloads. Toxic Bunny HD by Net Media Publisher knows this and went in a total wacky route. Basically Toxic Bunny HD is if you took Loony Tunes and combined it with Monty Python. It is insane, a little jarring and definitely unique.

The base gameplay of Toxic Bunny HD is rather typical as it includes general platforming challenges and puzzles. However, there are tons of little features that are downright bonkers in Toxic Bunny HD. For example there are armored mucus, hamster cannons, invisible chickens, triple strength espresso power, etc. These are all totally random but work in this zany world of Toxic Bunny HD. The story of Toxic Bunny HD is also fairly well defined as you try and find out who interrupted your coffee break and turned all your friends into brainwashed zombies. Graphically and theme wise all around Toxic Bunny HD feels retro, 90s most likely. So while Toxic Bunny HD is a new age game it seems as if you’re back in the past playing a rad game.

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