Tin Man Games & Steve Jackson Are at it Again With Starship Traveller

TinMan Games and Steve Jackson have published some pretty awesome gamebook adventure games and you always know it’ll be a good download. Now they have put out another one called Starship Traveller where you play as the pilot of the Starship Traveller after you get sucked through a blackhole and enter an unknown universe. Will you be able to escape and get back to Earth?

Again, Starship Traveller is made through TinMan Games gamebook adventure engine. This means you can read the story vertically/horizontally, there is an automated game sheet with all the stats and inventory, realistic dice rolling physics, an artwork gallery and a bookmarking system. In addition, gameplay features three different combat modes (melee, phaser and starship), a fully customizable crew for your ship, ability to switch your crew around before battles, auto-mapping and full color illustrations. This is a ton of detail in Starship Traveller and obviously a great story to watch unfold. You can get it for $5.99 today on Google Play.

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