Think You Have What It Takes To Solve The Case? Try With Another Case Solved

Noodlecake Studios has published some pretty fun and awesome games like Blockheads and Super Stickman Golf, not adding to their list is a game called Another Case Solved. As you perhaps could guess, Another Case Solved is more or less a detective game. It is up to you to collect evidence and clues to solve a host of wacky cases and become a real detective.

Like a normal detective would (or at least I assume), in Another Case Solved you are tasked with matching clues, identifying subjects, finding hidden items and more. Interestingly enough, each of these aspects plays out almost in little in game mini-games. There are also multiple mysteries to solve and the story behind them all is surprising deep. In addition to the main mysteries there are side missions to just help you pass the time along and still have fun. There are also some customization features where you can change up your look and your detective office. In general, Another Case Solved is a unique mobile game that you can get now for free! Don’t miss out on this one.

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