The Perfect Time Waster; Alpha Wave

Sometimes you don’t want to have to sit down and play through an hour long campaign on some game. Instead you want some mindless action to kill while you’re in the can or on the bus. This is where games like Alpha Wave come into play. Alpha Wave is developed by Hardline Studios and is a simple fast paced retro space shooter inspired by the likes of Asteroids, Galaga and Astrosmash.

Alpha Wave is a nonstop experience with 65 waves of enemies rushing at you in three levels. This is of course coupled with a huge variety in enemies which each have their own unique movesets along with boss battles to keep things interesting. What also makes Alpha Wave look amazing is the bright colors, polished graphics and unique soundtrack. Special effects also abound in Alpha Wave making things seem hectic and just crazy. If you’re into leaderboards and achievements, Alpha Wave has both so you know where you stand. Alpha Wave does cost $1.25 but it is a guaranteed one time purchase with no more IAPs and from what I’ve seen it is well worth it.

User Reviews

Cool graphics, more levels

The game looks stunning on my Xperia, it gets really cool graphics. They could add more levels though. Love the game!

Posted by consi9liere 10 years ago

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