The Original Soulcalibur Now In Your Pocket

Since its original 1998 release on the Dreamcast, Soulcalibur has been ported over to a variety of platforms such as Xbox Live Arcade and all the iOS platforms. Now, Soulcalibur is out for Android for all of us to enjoy. Everything you knew and loved about the original has been faithfully kept on Android including the character rosters, their movesets and even the control scheme.

In case you don’t remember that is a 19 character roster for Soulcalibur each with unique movesets. A new virtual gamepad has been developed for touchscreen devices but keeps the same button layout that the original used. Soulcalibur has a variety of fighting game modes which will keep you busy for a while. The original arcade battle mode is included where you battle all the enemies to try and make it to the end.  There is also a time attack mode where you see how fast you can beat the game, a survival mode with a hardcore component, as well as a museum mode to look at all the artwork and a practice room. Basically, Soulcalibur for Android has all that you remember and more. You can download Soulcalibur now for a low price of $6.67 (just for the next two weeks) on Google Play.

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