The Latest Ikoid’s Android Bundle; #6 Droid Jam

Bundles are the best when it comes to getting tons of mobile games for cheap. This bundle trend kind of got big with the original Humble Bundle and now you can see a variety of bundles from all sorts of companies and websites and I couldn’t be more happy. The latest bundle you should turn your attention to is Ikoid’s latest bundle aptly called Bundle #6: Droid Jam.

For $1.49 you can get (so far) four great games in this bundle: Frederic Resurrection of Music, A Story of a Band,Chiptune Runner and Soul Power. The great thing about this bundle is the more shares it gets they unlock more games. For instance at 100 shares Soul Runner was unlocked and now if they get 200 shares then Chickens Can’t Fly will be unlocked. Frederic Resurrection of Music, if you don’t know about it, is a rather humorous game with a musical theme. You battle opponents in musical duels of which there are 12 epic remakes of classical hits. A Story of a Band is a management simulation game about making a band! So you get to train and level up band members, play concerts, challenge other bands, etc. Chiptune Runner is basically what it sounds like. An endless runner mixed with a step sequencer that makes music as you play sort of like Bit Trip Runner. Soul Power is a classic 2D puzzle platformer all about the powers a ghost has. Bundle #6: Droid Jam certainly has a great variety of genres and for so cheap you can’t miss out on this!

Source: Ikoid

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