Test Your Luck With Slots Based Gameplay in Ninja Legend: Dragon Titan

The other day I mentioned that I felt I’ve seen it all when it comes to these cookie cutter mobile RPG games that utilize the same mechanics but change up just the one core dynamic. I’ve mentioned trivia based RPGs, all the match-3 iterations, Fruit Ninja-esque RPGs, etc. Now I am surprised yet again with Ninja Legend: Dragon Titan’s core gameplay dynamic; Slots!
Ninja Legend Dragon Titan (1) Ninja Legend Dragon Titan (2) Ninja Legend Dragon Titan (3)
You read that right. The unique battling aspect of Ninja Legend: Dragon Titan is slots based where you’ll have to try and match three in a row of various symbols which then correspond to attacking/healing/etc. This twist is certainly interesting although may revolve around luck a little too much for some people’s tastes. Ninja Legend: Dragon Titan features all the other things you know and love from this genre such as over 200 monster cards you can collect and evolve, missions to complete, and a cute colorful story with bright graphics. These RPG games are insanely popular and while each game is pretty much the same people still flock to play them. With that being said, Ninja Legend: Dragon Titan seems to be another well polished one that while not totally unique still retains enough to be interesting.

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