Wanted: Someone to Train a Stumbling Bumbling Clumsy Ninja

The Ninjas are highly trained warriors known for their covert methods of fighting. While their fame and discipline rivals no other, there are times when you do chance upon a bad egg or two. That’s the theme behind NaturalMotionGames’ adventure game Clumsy Ninja.

The hero of this game is, as the title suggests, rather a bungling fellow, but you can train him to improve and strengthen his Ninja skills. Of course, you’re no mighty Ninja master, so your training techniques are likely to be a bit bizarre. For instance you will play hide and seek and trampoline and employ punching bags and even using a chicken or two to get your Ninja’s Sensei in working order.

Clumsy Ninja (3)Clumsy Ninja (2)Clumsy Ninja (1)

You’ll be spending a lot of time on training missions to earn enough of XP points to progress through to the next level of play. All this training should eventually help you complete your quest, which is rescuing your friend Kira. You will also travel to exciting new locations, meet new characters, unlock new items and customize your hero with suits, belts, headbands and relevant Ninja gear.

There’s a lot to like about Clumsy Ninja. He’s cute and adorable, you can drag him around to do some cool tricks like spinning in mid-air, and you can capture your crazy Ninja stunts and share them with friends instantly.

Clumsy Ninja is free to play, but it does rely on an IAP system to speed up gameplay.

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