TDS Brave Guardians Makes Its Entry onto the Play Store

Indie game developers Chundos Studio, who have quite a few game titles to their credit such as Beat the Beast and SiliBili are out with their first tower defense game called TDS Brave Guardians. The game features four extraordinary guardians Pepo, Tiko, Zagi & Rapu who bring their special abilities into the game and weave an interesting storyline into the usual TDS structure.

Brave Guardians is set in 4 gorgeous worlds and features a campaign mode and a guardian mode. The 3D environments in each of the 22+ levels are beautifully crafted.  As with all tower defense games players can upgrade their heroes as well as towers. Enemies come in different shapes and sizes and with over 30 different types of villains to contend with, players can surely expect the game to throw up some fast paced intense tower defense action. No world can be conquered without tackling the big boss fights in the end. Fans of the genre will be delighted with the long hours of gameplay that the game offers.

Here’ s a roundup of the top features of the game.

Key Features: Brave Guardians

  • 2 Game modes (Campaign and Guardian)
  • 4 different worlds (Forest, Desert, Winter, Lava)
  • Over 22 unique levels with beautiful 3D environments
  • Guardians each with extraordinary abilities
  • 6 ingame upgrade levels of the Guardians
  • 4 specialized towers (Arbalet, Thunder, Cannon, Catapult)
  • 6 upgrade levels of the towers in battle
  • 6 ingame upgrade levels of tower’s properties
  • Many ingame upgrades of game properties
  • Over 30 different enemies each with their own skills!
  • 3 wizards enemies that will make your life harder
  • Intense boss fight in each world (4 Bosses)
  • Hours of gameplay with over 30 achievements

Brave Guardians is available in the Play Store for the happy price of free.

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