Tap to Zap Space Critters in Doggy Dog Game Shibe!

Shibe! is a space platformer from icannhas that has you guiding a space doge in his quest for the “Epic Wow”.

Stopping him from achieving his objective are strange space creatures that include cat heads and rooster heads who can laser shoot Shibe if you are not quick enough to eliminate them.

Tapping on the enemies will zap them out of the screen but getting rid of them is not as easy as it appears. You will fail many times and must roll back into the game to see how far you can progress in terms of enemies zapped and points scored.

The game is integrated with Google Play Games Services so you can compete with your friends and social contacts for leaderboard glory.

The game doesn’t have much depth, but if you find doge talk fun, and enjoy zapping things that respawn faster than you can say jack robinson, you might squeeze in a few hours of fun from Shibe!

The game is available on the Play Store for the price of free.

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