Tank Shooter Goes Bananas With City Monkey Multiplayer Shoot

Artillery games are a simple shooter video game concept and as such has been around for quite some time. The genre is still immensely popular with recent games like Worms and ShellShock Live. Here to enter the genre is City Monkey Multiplayer Shoot by App Aponyme which has monkeys shooting various artillery around a post-apocalyptic world.

If you don’t know how these artillery games play you basically line up a shot using angles and power and then hope you hit your target. Gameplay will take some skill or at least time to get used to it all and City Monkey Multiplayer Shoot is no different. As with any good artillery game, City Monkey Multiplayer Shoot features different weapon types you can unlock which do interesting things. Wind is also a big factor that will throw a curveball (literally) into your plans. Since City Monkey Multiplayer Shoot is on mobile controls are pretty simplified which lead to a good user experience. If you’re into artillery games then check out City Monkey Multiplayer Shoot over on the Google Play store today.

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