Tamagotchi Angel Comes To Android

When mobile gaming really started getting big I was hoping that someone would port the crazy fad that was Tamagotchi to mobile devices. Well, a while ago Bandai Namco did exactly that and brought the original Tamagotchi simulation game to mobile. Now, however, they are bringing the Tamagotchi “sequels” that you may not have even heart of to mobile. Such is the case with their latest port; Tamagotchi Angel.

If you haven’t heard of Tamagotchi Angel you must not have been a die hard Tamagotchi fan in the 90s. Either way, Tamagotchi Angel is still a simulation type game but it focuses on your pets in their afterlife in Angel City. Tamagotchi Angel brings what you knew and loved from the original zany Tamagotchi game but adds new mini games, new designs, backgrounds and more. This mobile version of Tamagotchi Angel that Bandai Namco has brought also ups the ante a bit. There are two view modes you can use. The original and a new full screen one. In addition, Tamagotchi Angel features some elements unique to mobile/touch screen devices which give it a modern twist. So if you want a taste of nostalgia or a fun pet simulation game check out Tamagotchi Angel.

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