Tales of Honor Puts You In The Captains Seat Of An Intense Strategy Game

Looking for a game to really get your noggin going? Check out Tales of Honor by Evergreen Studios as it is sure to get the job done. Tales of Honor has you playing the captain in an intense space combat strategy mobile game where you have to deal with all aspects of your space ship. This includes the weapons, crew, systems and more to keep you on your toes.

The most unique and interesting aspect of Tales of Honor is the fact that you really have a great deal of control over your ship. You get to pick out and upgrade what weapons you want, get to tweak the systems how you want and manage yoru crew exactly how you feel. The battles themselves are pretty epic in Tales of Honor and give beautiful shots of the action. In Tales of Honor you get three chapters worth of gameplay with a total of 45 missions and more are coming! These also include some crazy boss fights with cut scenes. In general if you like space strategy combat games then Tales of Honor gives you all that you could imagine and more.

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