Take a Trip Back in Time to the Prehistoric Ages with Caveman Wars

Its been quite a while since we tackled a game from the prehistoric times and now thanks to Advanced Mobile Applications’ latest venture Caveman Wars, we can go back to our roots and show off our survival-in-the-wild skills.

Luckily, this is a strategic tower defense game, so you won’t be building your caves and decorating it with crude art. Instead you will defend the hut you already own from tribal enemies and other creatures of the wild including sabre-toothed tigers and T-Rex. Apparently, your hut is a rather self-sufficient one and the scarcity of food in other areas has prompted the attack on you.

Fire and ice are your primary weapons of choice and rather than engage in a direct combat, you will use cards to counter the enemies. There are about 50 cards available in the game, but you can equip only three at a time. So depending on the enemy type, you must choose your cards wisely. Defeated enemies will provide you with bonus cards which can be used to strengthen your defenses.

The game has a unique 2D graphic art style and there are different types of environments to play through including forests, deserts, mountains, and oceans scattered around three maps. The level of difficulty gets progressively tough, and with 12 trophies at stake, you may just find yourself fighting for survival in the game and on the leaderboards.

Caveman Wars is free to play so if you feel like taking a walk back in time, be sure to hit the link below and check out the game.

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