TA: Little Red Riding Hood Lets You Enjoy the Classic Fairytale with a Zingy Twist

Panda Zone’s Twisted Adventures: Little Red Riding Hood is a graphically appealing platform adventure where you guide the little girl through a forest that has more hidden dangers than the big bad wolf.

In this eerie version of the classic tale, there are revolving islands that Red Riding Hood must jump over to get to her grandmother’s house. However, the journey is fraught with danger from thorns, huge spiders, buzzing bees, and other dark shadowy creatures of the forest. Red Riding Hood must also collect at items such as flowers and apples in each level, while at the same time freeing her little bunny friends who are trapped in cages.

The game features simple one tap controls but you will have to be pretty accurate when you make the jumps. The difficulty level is progressive so you will get a grip of the physics based gameplay in the initial stages of the game before moving on to more challenging scenarios.

If you enjoy games like Little Galaxy, this one is a definite recommend. Twisted Adventures: Little Red Riding Hood is available on the Play Store for $1.99.

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Really Fun!

The further you get into the game the better it gets!

Posted by John 7 years ago

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