Swordigo Comes to the Play Store Bringing Hack ‘n’ Slash Fun for Everyone

Swordigo has been on Android for a few months, but only via the Humble Mobile Bundle 3. If you happened to miss that pay-want-you-want offer, don’t fret too much because TouchFoo’s hack ‘n’ slasher is now available on the Play Store for the price of free.

This is a typical platformer that will have you running jumping and fighting your way past devious monsters and villains, collecting loot, earning experience and leveling up only to become more powerful so that you can take on more stronger enemies. There are dungeons and towns to explore and you can use your sword and four magic spells to destroy your enemies and objects.

If a game can get its control system right, its going to enjoy the goodwill of the players and Swordigo appears to have got it pretty much spot on. Players even have the option to customize the controls to suit their playing preferences.

Swordigo isn’t trying to be innovative or introduce something that’s never been seen before, but it is has great music, touch controls, and a more relaxing check point system (to restart after dying), which makes it a safe bet for anyone looking for a solid entertaining platformer on Android.

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