Swarm of the Dead; You Are the Zombie!

There are plenty of zombie mobile games out there but they usually have one thing in common (other than the zombies of course). This is of course that it is usually you against the zombies. Swarm of the Dead by OrionArts flips that trope and has you playing as one of the zombies instead.

Gameplay of Swarm of the Dead is essentially a zombie themed real time strategy game. This style works extremely well on mobile as you can easily zoom and move to where you want and tap to send your zombie troops wherever. Your zombie swarm can consist of ten different types of zombies along with one special unlockable one. Each has there own pros/cons and consist of typical zombie classes like spitters, tanks, etc. Content wise Swarm of the Dead has over 130 levels which will really keep you busy. Graphically Swarm of the Dead has really nice cartoon inspired graphics and everything is top down perspective. Overall Swarm of the Dead looks to be a really fun RTS that you should check out.

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