Swampy is Back In Where’s My Water? 2

Disney certainly has their hands on a hit game with their Where’s My Water? series which has since spawned a few spin-offs such as Where’s My Perry? and Where’s My Mickey? but now after two years an official sequel is out. Where’s My Water? 2 features all the dirt digging, water finding action you came to expect from the original but enhanced with more features.

Swampy, Allie and Cranky are all back and want to take their showers…but where’s the water? You’ll find yourself in three new locations;  the Sewer, the Soap Factory, the Beach where you’ll be guiding water, purple water and steam to the showers and steam rooms necessary. In Where’s My Water? 2 there are over 100 levels with a new look to them. These levels then have challenge modes to increase the replayability as well as new “duck rush” levels that are timed.  New powerups are introduced this go around including vacuums, droppers, and absorbers although these are mainly purchased through in-app transactions. The original Where’s My Water? was a hit spawning spin-offs and knockoffs, now that the official sequel is out you can expect another great experience!

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