Superfrog HD Leaps from the Past Into Google Play

Team 17 Digital, makers of the immensely popular Worms franchise are out with their latest game on Android. Its called Superfrog and in case the name sounds vaguely familiar to you, its because this was a game that made a name for itself way back in 1993 as a side scrolling PC platformer.

The game has now been reimagined for the mobile platform with high definition cartoony graphics and improved gameplay mechanics. Players will also be able to unlock the original maps, if they want to add a little more challenge to the gameplay.

Superfrog carries on the fairytale story of the prince who turned into a frog due to the intervention of an evil witch. Now, he’s back, with superpowers bestowed on him by a magical portion (he stumbles upon), determined to seek his vengeance on the evil witch and find his way back to his true love, the princess.

You get to explore 24 well designed levels and then some (boss battle levels) spread across 6 beautiful worlds. Superfrog is available on the Play Store for $2.99. Be sure to pick it up if you love games that let you defeat baddies and get the girl in the end!

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