Super Pixalo Arrives at a Discounted Price to Entertain You On your Ouya Device

Its hard to image a game hero who is nothing but a tiny little pixel from a broken down arcade cabinet. Meet Pixalo, the hero of indie developer Phillip Royer’s precision platformer Super Pixalo. Pixalo is now on a journey of self discovery through 50 years of pop culture and you must guide him on this journey through 120 plus levels of fun gameplay.

Super Pixalo is a game you’ll probably enjoy playing to its end. There are hundreds of collectibles placed throughout each level, some at impossibly difficult but not impossible-to-reach spots that makes it challenging and fun to play. You can squeeze plenty of good hours of entertainment while enjoying the brilliant soundtrack from Saad Ali.

Super Pixalo is available in the launch week for a discounted price which comes to about three dollars, that’s 40 percent off its original price. Be sure to grab this fun game for your Ouya device and do let us know if you enjoyed playing.

Get Super Pixalo on OUYA app store.

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