Steam Punks, Self Proclaimed Steampunk Megaman, Out Now

What would get if you took the famous Mega Man concept, specifically Mega Man X, and changed the theme from futuristic to steampunk? That is exactly what Monster Robot Studios did with their new game, Steam Punks. It is an action platformer RPG inspired by Mega Man X and the end result looks amazing.

Like the trademark features in the Mega Man series, Steam Punks features interchangeable weapons. These range from weaver shot, spread shot, rockets, hook shot, buzz saw, mortar blade, alchemy gun and more. In addition to the different weapon attachments there are also tons of suit upgrades such as a adventure hat with treasure radar, diving helmet and disguises. It is easy to tell that Monster Robot Studios is a huge fan of Mega Man X and other retro platformer games and took all the best parts of them all to create Steam Punks. From the feature list, the screenshots showing excellent pixel art and what early comments are saying, it really looks like Steam Punks is a great example of what platformer games can be. You can download Steam Punks today for $1.99 for a feature packed platformer mobile game experience.

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