Stack a Bunch of Veggies in Disney’s Latest Match Three Game Stack Rabbit

Disney Interactive’s latest offer to Android gamers comes in the form of a match-three game called Stack Rabbit. In this fun board game, you help Ben the Rabbit hop around a board and stack veggies of the same type so that he can feed his sister’s little hungry bunnies. The game features over 65 levels of puzzle adventures and throws challenges in the form of limited moves, danger of over stacking, and being chased by an ever watchful guard dog.

Bouncing around the board is simply a matter of swiping in the direction of the veggie. Once three or more veggies are stacked on Ben’s head you picks up points. If however, Ben picks up the wrong veggies or runs out of moves, he loses a life. Luckily, the lives recharge automatically over time, so you can always come back and try again.

As with most Disney games, you are bound to have plenty of opportunity to spend money on speeding up the recharges or buying power ups. The game’s permanent boosts range from extra moves to extra lives and everything in between. The social element in Stack rabbit comes in the form of Facebook Connect where you can see how your friends are faring with their vegetable stacking.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect in Stack Rabbit.

• Hop, stack, and match veggies through 65 levels!
• Play as Ben the Rabbit on puzzles that grow veggies as you match them!
• Challenge yourself to create recipes, match stacks, and get all the veggies you can stack!
• Jump, spring and dive your way through puzzles!
• Become a stack-master with power-ups such as Crop Dusters, Bunny Cannons, and Lightning Veggies.
• Avoid Max the guard dog in fast-paced chase levels!
• Connect to Facebook and see your friends’ progress in the game map

If a simple casual time waster is what you’re looking for, Stack Rabbit should do the job just fine. It’s available on the Play Store now for the pretty price of free.

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