Spaceteam: Cooperate or Die

The best thing about having friends is screaming at them. At least, it is for me. Maybe that’s why I don’t have enough to enjoy the two- to four-player madness in Spaceteam, a quirky new Android title best described as charades-meets-Star-Wars.  That alone should be enough to make it the ultimate party game – who doesn’t love science fiction and decades-old party games, after all – but there’s even more drama to be had for those willing to risk the dangers of an outer space fiesta.  Your interstellar ride, according to the developer’s notes, is “falling apart” as it tries to “outrun an exploding star.” Worse, only one teammate can work to fix the blasted thing as you attempt your escape.  The other member’s job? Scream an increasingly complex list of instructions to the person doing all the work.  They call it a party game, sure, but by that description it could also work as a real-life marriage simulator!

Each player will need their own Android device (phone or tablet) to get in on the game. They (fortunately) will not need previous knowledge of piloting a decrepit spaceship, meaning doctors, lawyers, bankers, homeless people, and others can aid you in your quest to not die. Just make sure they’re emotionally stable and nonviolent – you never know when the person you’re barking directions at might take offense and get a little stabby.

To top off all this ship-fixing, star-exploding, friend-screaming fun, the game’s currently free on the Play Store. With features like “beveled nanotubes,” “teamwork,” “confusion,” and “an untimely demise,” as stated by the product description, it should be a heck of a time! If not your ship will be consumed by the angry energy of a dying star, so you’ll be dead anyway. Not quite a win-win situation, but close enough, right?

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